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Youth Club (Boys) for ages 11-15

Address details
Organisation Narthex Sparkhill
Address Narthex Sparkhill St John's Church St John's Road, Sparkhill
B11 4RG
Contact details
Phone 0121 753 1959

The youth club for young male adults aged 11-15 has been a huge success. The lads enjoy playing table tennis, table football, games of pool and on various nights using computer games on a large screen TV. Each week starts with a 10 minute chat session where we use life lessons about value and respect and life skills around a moral story.

Followed by conversation on the boys ideas of how these things affect our lives in a positive way. The youth club provides the environment and opportunity to help with some personal mentoring and life skills and where needed on occasions we have followed through on some things with parents.

Service details
Categories Youth activities
Gender both
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Last updated: Dec 7, 2018 11:55

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