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Independent Living for Over 55's

Address details
Organisation Lench's Trust
Address William Lench Court 80 Ridgacre Road Quinton
B32 2AQ
Contact details
Phone 0121 426 0455
Opening hours Monday 8:30am–4pm
Tuesday 8:30am–4pm
Wednesday 8:30am–4pm
Thursday 8:30am–4pm
Friday 8:30am–4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Lench's Trust provides superior sheltered accommodation throughout the City for older people who are in need either through financial hardship or social isolation.
Situated in Moseley, Quinton and Sutton Coldfield, our schemes are comprised of one and two bedroomed apartments set in lovely surroundings with communal facilities and experienced staff on hand.
Lench's Trust provides sheltered accommodation with designated Scheme Managers who look after the wellbeing of the residents.
When invited to one of our schemes the residents will have a needs assessment conducted by the appropriate Scheme Manager and a Support Plan agreed jointly - this plan will then be reviewed on a regular basis. The role of the Scheme Manager is to ensure that residents have access to the level of care and support they are entitled to and they will direct them to the relevant agencies and organisations.
Residents who choose to will receive a "morning call" from the Scheme Manager who will ensure that they are well on a daily basis.

Service details
Categories Housing advice & support
Gender both
Quality standards

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Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.