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Organisation Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer
Address 1 St Pauls Square
B3 1QU
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Phone 0121 389 8926

Since 2000,LFBC has given over £1 million to the QE's Cancer Unit, which has helped fund new medical equipment and create a 'centre of excellence'. This equipment includes a Mobile Mammogram Trailer to allow up to ten women an hour to be x-rayed in their local area; an Ultra Sound Scanner for diagnosing breast disease; a Cooling Cap to reduce hair loss during treatment; and a Faxitron X-­‐Ray Machine that enables microscopic clarity during biopsies. As well as changing the face of treatment, the funding from LFBC has seen the Breast Unit attract the best medical teams from around the UK.

The Breast Cancer unit is due to move in the next few years and now that it has the best equipment, the charity has launched an appeal to provide 'soft services' that go beyond the means of the NHS. The #1millionappeal will help fund:

-A new lounge, giving patients and their families a comfortable place to go but also a more relaxing environment for nurses to discuss diagnosis and treatments
-A not-for-profit hair salon and beauty treatments at the hospital so that cancer patients can get the TLC they need in a private and comforting salon
-Bra-fitting services for women that have undergone a mastectomy; where staff understand their situation and help them feel at ease when embarking on this new stage in their life
-A second Mobile Mammogram Trailer to continue screening across the Midlands

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Gender women
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2019 13:47

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