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Sports and leisure activities

Address details
Organisation Kingsbridge Community Sports
Address Riverside House 21 Alcester Road Moseley
B13 8AR

What is Kingsbridge?
Kingsbridge Project is a community based consortium, aiming to develop a vibrant and exciting new venue in South Birmingham. Our aim is to enhance the provision of sport and leisure activities for the benefit of a wide variety of local user groups, in an area where facilities are currently sorely lacking.

Why is Kingsbridge necessary?
In Birmingham there is inadequate provision of good quality pitches for team and community sports. There is a lack of participation in sports in the UK; as low as 17% of the population in parts of Birmingham. The situation in and around the Hall Green constituency has been exacerbated by the loss of the Birmingham Sports Centre in Highgate which was closed down in 2006.

What will Kingsbridge do?
Delivery of the Kingsbridge project will achieve refurbishment of the dilapidated facilities at Holders Lane, thereby preserving a vital green space for future generations. The majority of the activities Kingsbridge intends to provide will be based outdoors and the objective is to make healthy lifestyles accessible and affordable to the local Birmingham communities. Our plans include improved facilities for cricket and football, and a brand new building housing a changing pavilion and sports hall (a new addition to the site), which will house badminton and indoor cricket nets amongst other activities. The creation of social spaces within the new building will enable a range of community activities resulting in greater cohesion and engagement, especially across different cultural boundaries.

Kingsbridge will also deliver management and maintenance of the facilities and grounds on an ongoing basis, resulting in high quality sports facilities which in turn will act as a catalyst for greater sporting opportunities for all parts of the community (especially children and young people) as well as the provision of specialised training and jobs. The training, work experience and employment opportunities that will be created by Kingsbridge are much needed as some of the neighbourhoods that the project will serve are affected by chronic unemployment and social deprivation.

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Categories Exercise, sport & recreation
Gender both
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