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Adults and Communities Access Point

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Phone 0121 303 1234

What is an assessment?
An assessment is simply a discussion between yourself and a social work professional that will help us understand what help and support you might need coping with life on a day to day basis and living independently in your own home. The assessment will help you to understand what you can and can’t do for yourself and will inform you of what support is available to you in your local community and through other networks and services. Where the Local Authority is aware that your needs fluctuate the assessment will take into account your past history.

Who can get an assessment?
Anyone living or who usually lives in Birmingham is entitled to an assessment. You can refer yourself, as a carer for you or for the person you care for, as a citizen on behalf of a family member or a neighbour.

When does it start?
The assessment process starts from when the Local Authority begins to collect information about you.

Where will it take place?
Depending on your level of needs, the assessment process will usually involve a discussion over the phone, or it can be in your own home or somewhere else. We are happy for you to have a friend, relative or carer with you. Support from the Home Care Enablement Service is usually part of your assessment. For more information about this Service please click here

In some circumstances you may need an independent advocate to be involved in the assessment process. We will arrange this for you if at any stage we feel that you need this support.
If you are in hospital, we'll come and talk to you before you are discharged to see about any help you might need in the home whilst you are recovering.
The assessment is a two way conversation. We will ask you to tell us about what things you can do for yourself and you can tell us how you think we can help and support you. We might also ask the opinion of other professionals who know and work with you, like your doctor, but we will only do this with your permission. We will also take account of the needs of your family or carer and assess them separately if it appears that they may be in need of support.

What about confidentiality?
We respect your privacy at all times. Any information you give us will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with anyone else without your permission - other than in exceptional circumstances where the law says we must show it to someone else.

How do I know if I am eligible for services from you?
We will be able to tell you if you are eligible (that is, if you qualify) for adult social care services from us, after we have assessed your social care needs.
The assessment will tell us whether you are eligible for services and support from us if your needs are assessed as meeting the national eligibility criteria. After we have assessed you we will inform you in writing of your eligibility for services.
The eligibility criteria for adults can be found here

The eligibility criteria for carers can be found here

The full explanation of eligibility criteria can be found here

If you are eligible for help from Birmingham City Council, we will work with you to find out what your social care needs are and what you can do for yourself to meet your needs. If you cannot meet your needs yourself, we will help you to get services that will support you and that will help you to be as independent as possible.
If you are eligible for support - you will be allocated a Personal Budget that will be used in deciding how your care needs will be met. For more information about Personal Budgets please click here

What happens if I am not eligible for funded services?
After your assessment, if you are not eligible for help, we will still give you information and advice on other services that are available to help you to continue to live independently and to maintain your quality of life.

What happens if I am not happy with the outcome of the assessment?
If you are not happy with the outcome of the assessment you can ask us to look at your situation again with you, and if you are still not happy you can get in touch with us to make a comment, suggestion or complaint.

Will I have to pay for my care?
Birmingham City Council's Fairer Charging Policy requires everyone receiving support to undertake a financial assessment to determine if they are able to contribute towards the cost of the service that they receive. The financial assessment will determine the maximum that you will contribute. For more information on financial assessments click here.

If you would have 'substantial difficulty' in engaging in the assessment process, and do not have a friend /relative who can help you, the Council will arrange an advocate for you- see our Someone to Speak on my Behalf page

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Wherever you see a link for electronic data or additional information, you can call us on 0121 303 1234 to request the information to be provided to you in the format of your choice.
To make a referral to Adult Social Care click here
If you think you need an assessment, please call us on 0121 303 1234 in the first instance.
There is more information about the changes in legislation for adult social care in the Care Act 2014 on the GOV.UK website: click here to view.

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