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Womans support service

Address details
Organisation KIKIT Pathways To Recovery CIC
Address 153 Stratford Road Sparkbrook
B11 1AH
Contact details
Phone 0121 448 3883
Opening hours Mon – Fri: 9.30AM – 5.00PM
Sat:- closed
Sun:- closed

Empowering, Supporting & liberating women from hard to reach communities.
LIBERTY provides support to women from hard to reach Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities whose lives are affected by drugs or alcohol.
We know that the impact of these problems often extends far beyond the individual affected. Many will have children, parents, friends and loved ones who may be stressed and concerned, finding it difficult to know where to turn for advice and support.
Family members may be seeking to help their loved ones into treatment and on the road to recovery. Alternatively, they may be seeking help and support in their own right. We know this can be extremely difficult and we are happy to do what we can to help.
We are also aware that there may be barriers such as language or isolation due to their ethnicity, which stop women reaching out for help. We provide female support workers who speak a number of community languages and understand certain cultural barriers without maintaining a judgmental attitude.
What We Offer:
•Support, advice and guidance.
•Support group sessions.
•Referral into drug and alcohol treatment.
•Drugs and Alcohol Awareness.
•Harm Minimisation workshops.
Our aim is to encourage and empower women to come forward and seek help in a safe and confidential environment.
Alongside drug and alcohol issues we are also aware that many women from hard to reach communities are experiencing a number of different issues such as domestic violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriages . We hope to develop our project further by addressing these issues to provide support for women who may feel helpless and alone.

Service details
Categories Addiction support
Gender women
Quality standards

Last updated: Nov 28, 2018 13:42

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