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Education and training course

Address details
Organisation Kajans Women's Enterprise
Address Albert Hall Witton Road Aston
B6 5NU
Contact details
Phone 0121 507 0904

Kajans educational objective is to build a strong partnership with a number of formal education and training institutions, students and parents by providing academic reinforcement in numeracy and literacy, IT skills, 11+ courses, GCSE and A level coaching. Kajans education centre is a safe and secure environment in which young people can enjoy and develop their creative skills. Our aim is to unlock their hidden talents by inspiring young people so they can raise their aspirations in the creative and academic areas of achievement.
We offer adults citizenship, literacy and ESOL courses and other capacity building programs.
Our Tuition centre provides exceptional tutoring services to students seeking outstanding results in their most difficult subject areas. Our tutors are CRB checked, highly skilled, dedicated, enthusiastic and ready to assist students at every stage of their academic development.
We supply tutors for a range of subjects including;

We focus on preparing students at:
KS 2(Yr4-Yr6)
KS 3(Yr7-Yr9)
GCSE andA-Level
Entrance Exams
GCSE,A Level crash courses and mock examinations

Kajans regularly contracts with service providers to design and deliver community capacity building courses, parenting classes, and supporting your child’s education seminars.
A number of other activities are delivered in partnership with the local colleges, including Arts Access Community classes and Design and Technology workshops. Carnival workshops also take place annually. The capital project will enable Kajans to increase both the volume and breadth of education activities currently on offer.

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Categories Employment, Education and Training
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 1, 2016 14:14

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