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Caribbean History and culture activities

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Organisation Kajans Women's Enterprise
Address Albert Hall Witton Road Aston
B6 5NU
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Phone 0121 507 0904

This project is aimed at introducing the Caribbean as an area of rich and varied history and diverse culture, emphasising its importance and its vibrant connections and contributions to the history of contemporary multi-cultural Britain. It is particularly relevant to some cities such as Birmingham, which is set to become one of Britain’s major black and ethnic minorities cities, and has in the post-war period enjoyed a rich and varied history of migration and settlement from the New Commonwealth and in particular the Caribbean.
The programme responds to the national curriculum objectives on ‘World Culture, Religions and Citizenship’. By placing the study of Caribbean heritage in an academic framework, Kajans hopes to broaden the education of all young people and inform educational strategies and improve the engagement and achievement levels of black African and Caribbean students.

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Categories Social Activities
Gender women
Quality standards
Ethnicity focus Afro Caribbean

Last updated: Nov 28, 2018 13:15

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