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International emergency relief

Address details
Organisation Islamic Help
Address 19 Ombersley Road Balsall Heath
B12 8UR
Contact details
Phone 0121 446 5682

iHelp continues to respond to many emergencies around the world.  By donating to the IH Emergency Fund you will be helping us to prepare,  respond and reach the people affected in these situations, when they need it most. One of Islamic Help’s key objectives is to respond swiftly to disasters to ensure emergency relief reaches the people affected in the quickest  possible time. We aim to move quickly and utilise resources in the air and on the ground to provide essential medical aid, water, food and shelter.
A major part of Islamic Help’s work is to provide emergency assistance  whenever and wherever disaster strikes. We have been able to make a big difference to countless people all over the world who have been affected  by natural and man-made disasters. Since we responded to the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, Islamic Help has been on the ground establishing international and local partnerships with people and organisations to help meet the many incredible  challenges in disaster zones all over the world. 

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Categories Emergency Provisions
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