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Volunteering service

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Organisation Homestart Birmingham Tameside
Address The Sanctuary Tangmere Drive Castle Vale
B35 7PX
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Phone 0121 747 4631

Volunteers give their time because they want to, not because they have to. This creates a special relationship with parents who are struggling, and makes our work with families very successful.
Volunteer support is effective and cost effective. It is a way of transforming the lives of families. Even those with complex problems.
There are more than 16,000 volunteers giving their time and experience in 269 local Home-Starts across the UK.
-14,000 of them are home visiting volunteers
-2,000 others are trustees
-Even more help out as fundraisers, group workers, etc
-Some are health workers giving support in specialist areas such as post natal illness
-Others give their professional skills and time to help with marketing and promotion or IT support

Home-Start's own research shows that it is not only families who benefit from a volunteer's support, the volunteers do too. And so do their communities.

People who volunteer for Home-Start have:
-better health and wellbeing
-improved personal and skills development
-improved chances for work
-more self confidence

Find out more about Home-Start's research into the benefits of volunteering.

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Categories Employment, Education and Training
Gender both
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Last updated: Oct 25, 2018 16:51

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