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Family support charity

Address details
Organisation Home-start Cole Valley
Address 116 Church Road Yardley
B25 8UX
Contact details
Phone 0121 572 0800

Six Home-Starts, supporting over 500 families and almost 1,200 children in wards across Birmingham, every single day.

In 2014 Home-Start Birmingham published its seminal report- "Into the Future" with Home-Start Birmingham.
The report, which can be read in full below, sets out the history, vision and future of Home-Start, as Birmingham's leading family support charity.

The report highlights the front line, service delivery of the charity; and the issues that it deals with in supporting families, that includes families suffering deprivation and living below the poverty line, to families dealing with isolation and poor mental health.

"Into the Future" describes in detail how Home-Start's proven track record of Early Help and Early Intervention stops local families from reaching crisis point. But how more investment and support for the Home-Start Birmingham consortium is needed so that the charity can reach out to even more local parents and children.

Service details
Categories Family support
Gender both
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