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healthier lifestyles via tending and produce of fruit and vegetables for plot-holders.

Address details
Organisation Harborne Lane Allotments Association
Address (Update mag undelivered) Harborne Lane
B29 6TQ
Contact details
Phone 07949157074

What We Do

· We work with allotment associations, allotment holders & city council officials for the benefit of allotments.

· We support allotment associations with advice and information which enables them to carry out their tasks.

· We act as an active watchdog to ensure the city council provides as much maintenance and repairs as possible for all sites

· We encourage associations to take on self-management of allotment sites.

· We play an active part in influencing allotment policy so that any changes are for the benefit of allotment holders and associations.

· We organises shows and competitions for individuals and associations.

Service details
Categories Exercise, sport & recreation
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Nov 27, 2018 14:05

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