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Care and support to all people living with life threatening and life-limiting illness

Address details
Organisation Freshwinds
Address Prospect Hall 12 College Walk Selly Oak
B29 6LE
Contact details
Phone 0121 415 6715
Opening hours Monday 9am–5:30pm
Tuesday 9am–8pm
Wednesday 9am–5:30pm
Thursday 9am–5:30pm
Friday 9am–5:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Family Therapy
Over 24 years Freshwinds has learned how to use a profound integrated model to help those who are terminally ill and dying both to live the optimum, pain-free life that they have left and to die in peace and calm when the time calls them to go. We have often helped many patients to extend their life by helping them see how they can control the manifestation of their illness and assist them to self-manage their recurring symptoms. We have also become experts in helping people to rehabilitate after serious and life-threatening episodes of illness.

This is a service that we are already providing and has a high number of Muslim families, however we are not able at present to deal with as wide a range of illnesses as we would want to due to funding constraints. £150,000 – £250,000 per annum would allow us to extend the range of illnesses that this service can cater for. This is also because there are a large number of health problems among many of our Muslim communities somewhat disproportionately to other communities. This includes infant mortality rates which are higher in Muslim communities than in others.

Service details
Categories Home care and support
Gender both
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