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NICE - Centre for Movement Disorders - Red Boots School

Address details
Organisation Foundation for Conductive Education
Address FCE Cannon Hill House Russell Road
B13 8RD
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Phone 0121 449 1569

At NICE we believe that every child should be involved in their learning; whether this is through play or work. Conductors will guide your child to realise what they ‘can do’ and celebrate each small step of achievement. Children with neurological movement disorders should have access to highly trained and specialised professionals working with them. At NICE all staff are trained in movement disorders and use the system of Conductive Education. We believe that by nurturing the child to explore movement, have fun and succeed that they will learn skills which are meaningful in everyday life.

We run a full range of full and part time services to complement your child’s journey through life. Young babies can attend with you in our Milestone Club and start the journey through life in a positive environment. As they grow they can access our Cygnet Transition Group which helps them develop towards full time schooling and introduces them to learning in a more formal way in preparation for primary schooling. Red Boots School is a registered independent special school and children can attend both part-time and full-time according to their needs. For some children a weekly sessional or a block placement can provide that all important focussed approach to help the child encompass life at the highest possible level.
Services are designed to meet individual needs. Why not come and visit us or apply for a consultation to find out how we can help your child achieve the most in life.

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Categories Youth activities
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 27, 2018 12:12

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