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NICE - Centre for Movement Disorders - Family workshops

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Organisation Foundation for Conductive Education
Address FCE Cannon Hill House Russell Road
B13 8RD
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Phone 0121 449 1569

At NICE we believe that we have a significant role in working with the parents and helping, guiding and supporting them in working with their child. Many parents are unsure of how they can support their child’s learning, may have questions they want to ask other parents about or may just want to feel that the people around them understand.

Everything in life is a balance. We work with the families in order to understand the situation more fully and then support in a practical way. We do not expect families to do ‘exercises’ with the child but to know how to actively involve them in family life.
We also understand the wider challenges of living with a disability e.g. benefits; EHC Plans etc. In order to meet these needs we run a range of workshops:
-Legal up-dates
-Practical workshops for parents
-Discussion groups to share advice and ideas with other families

Topics for workshops and/or support groups are decided by those attending. Conductors will facilitate the transition of learning from NICE to the home environment.

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Categories Family support
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 27, 2018 12:13

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