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Training in faith action

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Organisation FaithAction
Address Lifeline House Neville Road
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Phone 0845 094 6350

At FaithAction, we’re well aware of the issues and needs that are unique to faith-based organisations, having worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across England, and we’ve also seen that most of the guidance and training fails to address them. Our workshops are designed to accommodate smaller faith-based and community organisations: the ones working hard with little resources; the ones that have people filling multiple roles; the ones making a difference to their area. What’s more, many of the skills we teach in these sessions are completely transferable – planning isn’t just for projects, and good communication isn’t just for presenting.

Each workshop is supported by a range of engaging activities, designed to help you put into practice ideas as you learn them, as well as encourage group discussion to further explore concepts. We’ve seen a great response to this approach in the past, and we’ve keen to keep offering the same high-impact training at a low cost. What’s more, our training is designed to be all-inclusive – regardless of your previous experience or background, we’ll sure you’ll be able to learn plenty of new things through us.

Standard rate: £50 per person (Includes all materials plus lunch and refreshments)
Group sessions at your organisation are available for a discounted rate.

If you are interested in any of our workshops, please get in touch with us for more information!

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