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Address details
Organisation Cotteridge Church Day Centre
Address 24 Pershore Road South Kings Norton
B30 3EJ
Contact details
Phone 0121 458 3101

Cotteridge Church believes that setting up and supporting a food bank is one further way in which we can support those in need in our community. The principle of a food bank is that people are encouraged to make donations of food, whether via a stall outside a supermarket which asks shoppers to make an additional purchase, by donating food directly through organisations such as schools, businesses and churches, or by providing financial support with which food can be purchased. Every client in need is referred to the foodbank by a frontline care professional such as a doctor or social worker. In order to prevent dependency on foodbanks our clients have a limited entitlement to three foodbank vouchers.

Foodbanks are run by the community for the community, providing an emergency food service. Volunteers of all backgrounds help run foodbanks by packing, sorting and distributing the food or chatting to clients. This means that the food bank has roles for a wide variety of people.

The proposed South West Birmingham Food Bank would operate as part of The Trussell Trust network, which empowers local communities to combat poverty and marginalisation in the UK. Our role would be to work with the people that society forgets, providing practical help and enabling each person to realise that they are valued. Our vision is to build communities where people of all backgrounds are included and have the opportunity to live in dignity with hope for the future.

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Categories Emergency Provisions
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 26, 2018 13:00

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.