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MWN Helpline

Address details
Organisation Muslim Women's Network UK
Address 54-57 Allison Street The Warehouse Digbeth
B5 5TH
Contact details
Phone 0800 999 5786 / 0303 999 5786

We have set up and operate a national specialist faith and culturally sensitive helpline that is confidential and non-judgmental, which offers information, support, guidance and referrals for those who are suffering from or at risk of abuse or facing problems on a range of issues.

Although our reach is primarily Muslim women, the helpline will accept calls from and support women of any faith or no faith. For example, the culturally sensitive nature of the helpline could easily support Asian women of other faiths. Men who are concerned about women and girls should also call the helpline. If men and boys need support, for example, at risk of forced marriage, then they should also call the helpline.

Service details
Categories Counselling and listening,Loss, breakdown and bereavement,Support for victims
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Feb 5, 2021 10:56

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