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Family support groups

Address details
Organisation Birmingham Irish Association
Address St.Annes Parish Centre Alcester Street
B12 0PH
Contact details
Phone 0121 604 6111
Opening hours Monday 10am–4:30pm
Tuesday 10am–4:30pm
Wednesday 10am–4:30pm
Thursday 10am–4:30pm
Friday 10am–4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Accessibility details Contact Tel: 0121 604 6111

Birmingham Irish Association have been working in our school community for the past 3 years, in that time they have made a significant contribution to the lives of pupils and families in our school.Their Family Support workers reach out to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, offering concrete help. They work with all members of our school regardless of faith or race. I think we have been lucky with our support worker who always goes that extra mile, she embodies the mission statement of the Birmingham Irish Association. In this time of austerity I do not know who would do the necessary work if Birmingham Irish Association were not doing it. We need them.

Service details
Categories Family support
Gender both
Quality standards
Ethnicity focus Irish

Last updated: Nov 20, 2018 13:05

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