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New Dementia centre

Address details
Organisation Birmingham Irish Association
Address St.Annes Parish Centre Alcester Street
B12 0PH
Contact details
Phone 0121 604 6111
Opening hours Monday 10am–4:30pm
Tuesday 10am–4:30pm
Wednesday 10am–4:30pm
Thursday 10am–4:30pm
Friday 10am–4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Accessibility details contact Tel: 0121 604 6111

Many people with dementia describe these impacts as a series of losses and adjusting to them is challenging. The way a person with dementia feels and experiences life is down to more than just having the condition.

There are many other factors aside from the symptoms of dementia that play a huge role in shaping someone's experience. These include the relationships the person has, their environment and the support they receive. Each person is unique, with their own life history, personality, likes and dislikes. It is very important to focus on what the person still does have, not on what they may have lost. It is also important to focus on what the person feels rather than what they remember.

However, dementia has many effects. Most people experience memory difficulties and problems with thinking.

These in turn may lead to the loss of:

-independence and autonomy
-social roles and relationships
-the ability to carry out favourite activities or hobbies
-everyday skills of daily life (eg cooking, driving).
Despite all these things being lost, the person will still retain some of their abilities, and will still feel an emotional connection to people and their environment, even later on in the condition.

Here at BIA we aim to support those living with dementia through our dedicated culturally sensitive Dementia Support Centres. Please contact us for further information.

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Categories Day Centre,Dementia
Gender both
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Ethnicity focus Irish,Irish

Last updated: Nov 20, 2018 13:04

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