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Domiliary care of Children

Address details
Organisation Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Address Steelhouse Lane
B4 6NH
Contact details
Phone 0121 333 9999
Accessibility details PICU - 0121 333 9652

Our 31 bed Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is the largest in the UK. We are the lead centre for paediatric intensive care for the West Midlands and cater for 35 specialties, including respiratory, cardiac, liver, surgery, ENT, spinal, orthopaedics, metabolic, endocrine, neurology and neurosurgery.

We are also the designated paediatric major trauma centre for the West Midlands and are a commissioned ECMO/ECLS provider. We have a wide range of equipment, enabling physiological system support for children throughout their stay. A full range of renal replacement therapy is part of our service, should any child require it.

We admit children from our Emergency Department, through Kids Intensive Care Decision and support service (KIDS) as local and tertiary referrals who are stabilised then transported to PICU, post-operatively from theatre and from ward areas when the children require a higher level of critical care.

We know that PICU can be a stressful place and our staff are always prepared to support parents and families during what can be a difficult time.

We have an experienced Family Liaison team, which includes play specialists, and we have access to interpreters, social workers and psychological support. We pride ourselves on our excellent critical care research and education which includes all levels of our team from our housekeepers to nurses and consultants.

We have a strong and supportive team, with staff support measures being a priority. We are always at the forefront of what is possible and have been commended for our innovation as a team, notably around our introduction of a hands-free communications system.

Service details
Categories Home care and support
Gender both
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Last updated: Sep 28, 2016 13:20

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