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ARTS & CULTURE: Let's Create: Creative Arts Project with LouDeemY Productions

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Feeling Creative want to take part in online free creative activities? Let's Create is our Creative Arts programme funded by BCC Prevention and Communities.

The activities will provide participants with a range of lasting soft, transferable skills which will help increase self confidence, self worth, self esteem, self expression and communication with others. Small and larger group work will build trust and increase social interaction, thus uniting individuals and smaller groups, widening their contact with a larger cross section of society, identifying commonalities and exploring problem solving strategies together rather than in isolation. We specialise in delivering projects within the combined field of Arts and Health using arts-based activities to empower and develop groups and individuals. We will be delivering weekly online sessions via Zoom. These sessions will contain a range of creative activities such as drama, including verbal storytelling, comedy, creative writing, poetry, stories, scripts, scenes, scenarios, devising, improvising, pairs, small and large group work. We will be sharing performances, visual arts, painting, drawing, sculpting, papier maché, photography, filming.

The next set of sessions start on 30th July and are open to all adults (and families) in the Birmingham area.

Anyone who wants to come along can come but especially vulnerable adults, who may experience loneliness and isolation, feel forgotten, uncared for, under or unvalued, treated as second class citizens, not understood, as well as their carers, and support workers. They can express themselves creatively, meet and interact in a group, share experiences, learn new creative, soft and social skills and engage in, try out and develop arts-based activities in a fun, safe, supportive environment. Get in touch for dates and further information regarding bookings, referrals etc.

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