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Carers Emergency Response Service (CERS)

Address details
Organisation Birmingham Carers Hub
Address 171 Alcester Road, Moseley,
B13 8JR
Contact details
Phone 0121 442 2960
Opening hours The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can provide support for up to 48 hours (72 hours on Bank Holidays), after which, longer term care can be arranged if necessary.
Accessibility details Register today with CERS by calling
T: 0121 442 2960

Do you have a family member (or friend) who depends on you to provide care for them? Do you worry about not being able to provide care due to unforeseen circumstances such as an accident or sudden illness?

We’re here to give you peace of mind and respond in your hour of crisis. Birmingham Carers Hub runs our City’s 4th emergency service – the Carers Emergency Response Service known as ‘CERS’. Well that’s what the 100s of carers we’ve helped think about us!

CERS is a FREE emergency back up service to provide support to those caring for a dependent family member, neighbour or friend living in Birmingham. Once registered, a highly trained team member will assess your caring situation and agree an emergency back-up plan. You’ll receive a dedicated emergency contact number for times of crisis so CERS can spring into action when you need them most.

Back up care is provided ‘at home’ for up to two days, allowing alternative arrangements to be made with family, friends or social services. You can also benefit from a planned sitting service, so you can get to important appointments, such as at the doctors or hospital.

Service details
Categories Carers support
Gender both
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Last updated: Feb 20, 2019 13:11

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