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EXERCISE: Free Pilates at your desk - Women's Consortium Therapy

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Organisation Women's Consortium Therapy

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Phone 07477 859 626

Every Monday 12.30-1.15pm
Simple seated and standing movement to stretch, reduce pain and improve posture.

This fun and easy-to-follow seated movement class is for everyone – all ages and abilities welcome! You will need a chair and a little space to move around it for the optional standing section (seated variations can be given).
This class will leave you feeling stronger, looser, more aligned, calmer and hopefully happier too! Whether you sit at a desk, have restricted mobility or are postnatal, this class is a great option for you. Fun and informative!
45 mins of movement every Monday at 12.30 on Zoom.

This class is taught by Kerrie-Anne Bradley a pilates teacher who specialises in Pilates for rehabilitation and has experience in working with people with a range of medical conditions. She runs Pilates At Your Desk, a programme of simple exercises to do during the day and has worked with many companies across many different industries (for people with both sitting and standing jobs).

This is a general class for all levels and abilities. The movements in this class are mostly seated with some optional standing (seated variations will be given). They are safe and easy to follow. Any injuries or medical conditions should be disclosed before taking part by emailing us.

Should you experience any discomfort or pain when doing a particular exercise you should stop and wait until the next exercise to continue.

There will be time at the end of each class to talk to the teacher where you can ask about any particular movement issues. It is Pilates At Your Desk preference that your camera is on so that more detailed cues can be given based on what the teacher sees.That said you can still take part with your camera off.

To book, simply give us a call or email us 07477 859 626 or

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