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Recreation and exercise

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Organisation Birmingham Buddhist Centre
Address 11 Park Road Moseley
B13 8AB
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Phone 0121 449 5279

Introduction to Meditation & Buddhism Courses
Meditation is the art of cultivating calm, focused and positive states of mind. We teach two meditations at the Birmingham Centre, both of which have been practised in Buddhism from its earliest days.
The ‘mindfulness of breathing‘ is a meditation for developing clarity and awareness.
The ‘metta bhavana‘ is a practice for transforming our emotions, and for cultivating positivity and openness towards ourselves and others.
Buddhist practices, such as meditation, help us to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness and wisdom. The path of spiritual development that Buddhism offers us leads us towards Enlightenment, or Buddhahood; that is, seeing the nature of reality absolutely clearly, and living fully and naturally in accordance with that vision.
These introductory courses teach you how to meditate effectively and introduce you to basic Buddhism in a way that is both accessible and stimulating. There is a chance for the basic problems of life to be looked at and discussed in the light of Buddhist understandings.
Come along from 7.00pm for a cup of tea with the course leaders and support team and a chance to ask your questions about meditation and Buddhism.
No need to book, you can just turn up on the first evening of the course:
Tuesday evenings, 7.00 for 7.30-9.45pm

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Categories Exercise, sport & recreation
Gender both
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