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Social activities within the Buddhist centre

Address details
Organisation Birmingham Buddhist Centre
Address 11 Park Road Moseley
B13 8AB
Contact details
Phone 0121 449 5279

Birmingham Young Buddhists (YoBs)
We meet informally at 7.00pm on the first Friday of every month at the Buddhist Centre to meditate together, discuss Buddhism and meditation, hang out and drink tea.
We define young as 18-35. Everyone is welcome, Buddhist or just curious – feel free to bring your friends along. Newcomers are welcomed warmly and meditation instruction is always available for beginners. No charge – please make a donation.
Discussions are usually around Buddhist teachings and practices, and how we can apply them to our lives as busy young people living in a Western society. Topics in the past have included sex, drugs, rock & roll (balancing a spiritual and social life), meditation, the wheel of life, generosity, engaged Buddhism, work and spiritual friendship.
Here’s what we tend to do during the meetings:
Meditation (tuition available for beginners), tea break, discussion
Other stuff
We also meet up even less formally for fun stuff and general hanging out – jamming or walking in the park, drinking more tea, putting on film nights, going to events, etc. – and put on day and weekend retreats in the countryside, specifically for young people.
If you have any ideas for things you’d like to do or discussions you’d like to have then let us know!

More info
To be added to the mailing list and receive updates on what’s happening, send an email to:
We also have a Facebook page where you can discuss ideas, see what events are going on and make contact with other young Buddhists in Brum.
For more info, or if you’re just new to it all and want to have a chat then get in touch:
Sangharuci: 07781 298 9091
Dharmashalin: 07779 148172

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Categories Social Activities
Gender both
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