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ARTS & CULTURE: Woolly Mammoth Stitch Works

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Organisation Woolly Mammoth CIC

A community stitch and heritage project for Northfield

In 1170 an arched doorway was built for St Laurence’s Church, Northfield. Today this arch is the OLDEST surviving piece of architecture in the whole of Birmingham!
850 years on, would you like to be part of a team who stitches a new arch for Northfield?
During 2020 we need hundreds of Northfield residents and neighbours to stitch a tapestry brick for a collaborative ‘arch’ artwork and contribute to a local archive of community memories. Can you help?
The project is suitable for experienced stitchers and absolute beginners aged 5+ and free to take part. There will be opportunities to stitch with us at future workshops and events, or we can deliver a tapestry kit direct to your door.
We are providing youtube tutorials and printed instructions to get people started - but the idea is that people represent themselves in their tapestry 'brick' if they can - they can basically stitch anything they like; inspired by Northfield or their lives - or just lovely patterns. We are also asking people to contribute some memories into a community archive; asking people to write on a postcard...
- What would you say to a future resident of Northfield 100 years in the future?
- What would you most like school children in 2120 to be taught in their history lessons about the Northfield of today?

Alongside the tapestry arch (3D, same size as the 850 year old one) we are going to create a photobook on each individual brick and postcard. Well, that's the plan - and we probably will have this ready for Autumn, possibly later in the year, depending on what we can achieve.

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