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THERAPY SUPPORT: Tele-Therapy (Beacon Family Services)

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Organisation Beacon Family Services CIC

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Phone 07859 075 083

We offer therapeutic services via secure online platforms to ensure that those families whose stress has increased, as a result of social distancing and staying at home, can be supported. Tele-Therapy will support children’s emotional and social wellbeing, build resilience, reduce anxieties and create relational safety during uncertain times.

Due to the current crisis many children have been separated from a range of key relationships with teachers, peers and wider family. Children need structure, engagement, nurture and challenge. Our therapists are able to help children and families to see and interact with others and benefit from the joy of connections in a safe and structured way.

Schools and community organisations can access virtual Theraplay sessions for children of keyworkers in schools and for the most vulnerable families staying at home. Weekly sessions will be live-streamed to allow social distancing.

Schools or families need to have access to a suitable device and Wi-Fi.

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Categories Family support,COVID-19 Support
Gender both
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Last updated: May 14, 2020 14:13

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