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Organisation InCommon Living

As people of all ages spend more time at home over the coming months, we’re all keen to keep in touch - and in particular with our older friends and family members. But knowing what to talk about during these strange and uncertain times can sometimes feel hard.

InCommon Buddies provides families with resources that keep the young and old connected. Our resources are designed to be used over the phone or online, facilitating fun games and activities for children and their grandparents or older friends. Buddies activities promote intergenerational learning, allowing children and older people to teach one another about their experiences of the world, while bringing each other some joy and laughter along the way.

Each week, InCommon releases a set of Buddies activities which are designed to be used by 7-11 year olds and their older friends or relatives, either over phone or video calls.

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Last updated: May 12, 2020 15:19

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