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PERFORMING ARTS: Community Performance Club (Women & Theatre)

Address details
Organisation Women & Theatre

Contact details
Phone 07849 214 799
Opening hours Main group activity takes place on Mondays, 3-5pm with some additional contact in the week as needed. Our next 10-week course begins on Monday 18 January 2021.
Accessibility details Main group activity currently takes place via Zoom. We are able to provide support to help participants get set up with Zoom and join us.

Women & Theatre’s Community Performance Club involves creative, uplifting activities for people over 50 & carers – currently taking place via Zoom. Group sessions encourage participants to be active, sociable, learn new skills & collaborate to develop creative work. The project aims to promote wellbeing, strengthen community connections & reduce isolation.

Throughout 2020, W&T ran community comedy courses, which participants really enjoyed – benefitting from doing something creative and fun, and spending time with others. They reported increased confidence, participation, sense of purpose, emotional wellbeing and sense of community.
For 2021, W&T are moving away from comedy and focussing on drama and theatre, with the next 10-week course exploring creative ways of developing drama over Zoom. W&T hope to resume face-to-face delivery later in the year.

This project is particularly targeting people living in Brandwood and surrounding areas, however whilst working on Zoom, we are happy to recruit from other parts of Birmingham.

Contact: Jess Pearson, General Manager; or 07849 214 799

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Categories Exercise, sport & recreation,COVID-19 Support
Gender both
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Last updated: Jan 6, 2021 12:10

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