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MUTUAL AID: Shirley Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group

Address details
Organisation Shirley Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group

This group is about sharing information and supporting each other in Shirley in the face of the corona virus pandemic. This page is linked to the larger Solihull /Shirley/ Chelmsley Wood page, but specifically to organise a community response in Shirley.

We are community members coming together to support each other and help people at more risk.

This group seeks to do more than simply match those in need with those who can help, though we are of course filling that direct need currently. Instead we aim to be mobilising the whole community to put in and take out, and extending people's circle of compassion outside of their family to their local community.

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Categories Emergency Provisions,COVID-19 Support
Gender both
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Last updated: May 5, 2020 11:09

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