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ARTS & CULTURE: Poetry & Creative ‘Lock Down Write Up’

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Organisation Kurley's Poetry & Memorhyme Education

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The “Lock Down Poetry & Creative” pack is a really good way to engage in the English language. Acrostics, personification, rhyme! Created with “lockdown” in mind by experienced hip-hop educator Kurly.

When writing it’s important to value your own thoughts and feelings but sometimes we can still get stuck for ideas!

Here are some ideas to help:
• List things you’ve done or observed during your time in lock down, even the boring things like brushing your teeth!
• List what things have you found: different, new, old, fun, scary, weird and why?
• What things you are looking forward to doing in the near future?
• What have missed most during lock down?
• What have you enjoyed most?
• Who have you been listening or speaking to and how? Have you been Face Timing? Texting? Phone calls? What have the conversations been about?
• Keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings and experiences on paper, laptop or phone
• Find extra words on (the more you have the easier it is to think of ideas)
• Find rhyming words on
• Take photos or keep a video journal, these will help inspire ideas to write about!
• Borrow ideas and be inspired by other people, but make them better in your own way!

Watch Kurly’s quick tutorial video. Click here:

Download the pack here:

Visit our website for creative resources!

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