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HEALTH & WELLBEING: Mentall Wellness Programme (fees apply)

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Organisation Rucha Nutrition

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Phone 07889 062 467

3 modules 3 hours via zoom - £50:00 per hour

Join Parveen Talwar, Nutritional Therapist via zoom for information on how we can support those with anxiety, memory loss and depression.
Module 1 - Nutrition for the Brain. Just like any other organ, the brain requires certain nutrients to function properly. On the other hand, some foodstuffs can actually jeopardise brain function. The Programme explores the very best foods to eat, as well as ways of eating, to optimise the brain and help prevent cognitive decline.

Module 2 – Optimising Gut Health -Science has revealed that what goes on in our digestive tract can have a profound influence on mood and mental functioning. The Programme explores this 'gut-brain axis' and provides practical advice on how to ensure a healthy gut.

Module 3 - Stress Management and Improving sleep Persistently elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can kill brain cells and negatively affect brain function. The Programme examines this association and offers practical advice for reducing stress naturally.
Sleep is vital for optimal brain health. Statistics show we are sleeping less, and problems such as getting to sleep or staying asleep are common. The Programme provides strategies for optimising sleep and maintaining mental functioning

How do you join?
Send us your email address and we will send you a link to join the workshop. You will need to download the Zoom app (this is a free service). We can also run the workshop via whatsapp.

Note: We will allow no more than 6 people on each zoom call, whatsapp only facilitates total 4 people including the host

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