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STAY ACTIVE: Small World Yoga

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As promised I have been working behind the scenes to get classes up and running in some form.
This means moving into the wonderful world of on-line Yoga!

I have decided, like many, to use the platform “Zoom”. I had a trial run last night with the wonderful Boldmere group and I think we can do this! It is a learning curve for us all but it is a way of keeping us connected, healthy and well whilst we have to hibernate for a while.

I completely understand that not everyone will be able to, or will want to, join us but if you are reading this you are obviously on something that will allow you (or someone else for you) to download the app (it’s easy – even I did it!) it’s free to download.

Classes will be mainly the times and prices that they normally would be with a couple of exceptions (we can add or delete over the next few weeks if needed)

Monday Move & Breathe with Ease 2.30pm
Monday Kickstarter – 7pm
Tuesday Mindful Flow – 7pm
Wednesday Slow Flow to Stillness – 7pm
Thursday Chair Yoga – 10.30am
Thursday night Fun-Fest – 7pm
That Friday Feeling – 9am
Friday Move & Breathe with Ease – 2.30pm
Super Saturday (once a month) – 9am

There is seriously something for everyone as always.

Please read carefully So moving forward – if you think that you will be joining me, firstly make sure that you can download Zoom. Then, send me an email ASAP – – saying “yes I am interested please add me to the Zoom list” with your full name – I will then make a seperate Zoom email list so that those who are not interested will not have to receieve weekly emails from me.

Every weekend I will then send you the timetable for the coming week – you let me know which sessions you would like to attend that week, make your payment or donation into my account (which I will send to you) and then I send you the link to your chosen classes. Off we go – Once we get the ball rolling it is just a few clicks and I figure that we all need something to keep our mind active at the moment!

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