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Can- Do Project

Address details
Organisation Leonard Cheshire
Address 16 Woodland Road
Contact details
Phone 07525 800286
Opening hours Monday
Accessibility details Fully accessible to the disabled and in some cases transport costs can be provided for.

Our Can Do project offers exciting new opportunities for 16‑ to 35‑year-old disabled people to volunteer in their community.

We provide the skills and knowledge that enable disabled people to lead more independent lives and be socially active in the community.

As the leading UK disability charity, we welcome applications from disabled volunteers and are happy to discuss individual support requirements. Can Do is open to people with a long term health condition or disability, including physical, visual or hearing impairments, mental health conditions and learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyspraxia.

In 2013–2014, Can Do volunteers reported that they had:

increased self-confidence
learnt new skills
felt more engaged in the local community

What’s in it for you?

Learn and develop new skills.
Build self-confidence and independence.
Meet new people and make new friends.
Raise awareness on issues that are important to you.

We provide training, cover all expenses and offer extra support as need. You can volunteer and combine it with study or work.

Service details
Categories Home care and support,Social Activities,Employment, Education and Training
Staff Qualifications Suitable staff qualifications
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Feb 11, 2019 11:00

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