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Befriending Service

Address details
Organisation BEN - the automotive industry charity
Address Lynwood Court Lynwood Village Rise Road, Ascot
Contact details
Phone 01344 620191
Opening hours Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm, Friday 8am – 5pm

It’s quite common for people to feel like they have no-one they can really talk to. People of all ages, from all walks of life call Ben and and say they feel completely alone.

Feeling isolated and alone affects many more people than you might think. Being a carer for a loved one, relationship breakdown and dealing with physical incapacity or mental illness are all common reasons people call us saying they feel alone and have no-one to talk to. If you don’t have a reliable income or a secure housing situation, it’s easy to become socially isolated.

We provide a range of free and confidential support and expert advice that will help people regain their confidence, reconnect and make lasting, positive change.

Who we help
Support with family / relationship breakdown
Supporting older or vulnerable individuals to engage in local support
Home Care services
Re-entering the work place after serious illness
Help to deal with domestic abuse

Support for alcohol or substance misuse
Safeguarding alerts
Short breaks
Self-help tools and advice on how to build real-world social networks
Advice on housing options and entitlements

Service details
Categories Befriending
Gender both
Quality standards