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TRAUMA SUPPORT: Counselling Sessions (Private)

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Organisation The GINA Project CIC

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Phone 0121 643 0301

We are a Birmingham-based social enterprise and community interest company, providing private specialist, trauma-informed support for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse.

We provide private, paid for counselling services, with counsellors who are specialists in the field of sexual violence and abuse. You can access this service at the time when you request support, to quickly meet your needs, offered in a way that suits you.

There is no waiting list. We provide services when you need them.

We take a Trauma-Informed Approach, which acknowledges that trauma can be carried around within ourselves. This approach recognises experience, understands responses to experiences that are overwhelming as normal, rational and often really sensible, explores stories, rejects labels, seeks to redress power imbalance and builds upon foundations of empowerment and connection.

GINA’s counselling sessions are priced at £40 per session for individuals and £50 per session if an organisation is paying for the counselling sessions (on behalf of an individual).

As a social enterprise and CIC, all of GINA’s profits are donated to our sister organisation - The Rape & Sexual Violence Project (Birmingham) - to help fund free sexual violence support and counselling services for individuals who need them.

Call 0121 643 0301 & ask for
'The GINA Project'

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