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FOOD SUPPORT: Birmingham Solidarity Kitchen

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Organisation Birmingham Solidarity Kitchen

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Phone 0121 667 6387

Solidarity in Separation
We are now distributing free food on a pilot basis and plan to expand significantly over the coming weeks.
If you need a free meal, ring us on: 0121 667 6387
Or email us:

What are we doing?

We are now running a Solidarity Kitchen – a food support service which takes food directly to people. This will make more people able to self-isolate without the worry of lack of food or provisions.

We see our plan as a framework where self-organised groups, cafes and food businesses could create simple meals to be delivered for those who are self-isolating or planning to self-isolate. This would encourage and enable people to do the right thing and self-isolate if they are vulnerable, showing symptoms or have any other concerns.

Starting 27th March 2020, we are daily distributing hot, hearty, healthy food from the kitchens of the Warehouse Cafe, a workers cooperative which has been closed by the coronavirus crisis. Food is prepared by our professional chefs, who are trained in commercial food hygiene standards.

There is no evidence that coronavirus has ever been transmitted by food, and commercial kitchens remain a far safer environment than almost any other populated space. All our volunteers follow strict procedures to ensure that the transmission risk is managed during preparation and delivery.

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