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BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT: At a Loss - Advice & Support

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Dealing with bereavement and grief during the Covid-19 pandemic

Bereavement at any time is hard. Bereavement during a period of isolation with restricted movement and limited contact with family and friends is the hardest thing possible.

During the global coronavirus pandemic many thousands in the UK will face the loss of someone they know on top of the usual 600,000 annual deaths from other causes. Whether the death is from Covid-19 or another cause it is likely to be traumatic at this time. Family and friends are unlikely to be with loved ones when they die and they will be cut off from their usual support networks. Physical comfort in bereavement will be limited and funerals may not be able to be attended. There will also be increased trauma and anxiety over not knowing whether loved ones received the best care with health services being stretched. Bereavement services have also been impacted with face-to-face support not possible. Bereavement support is important under normal circumstances but now it is crucial for future well-being and mental health. Please be assured therefore, that the country's bereavement services are working hard to adapt their services in every way they can to provide the support that so many people will need. And if you know of someone who has been bereaved please reach out to them to help.

On our website you will find advice about:

1) What to do if you are Bereaved during the Coronavirus pandemic
2) UK Funerals - about planning them and what you can do if you can't attend
3) How to help someone who is bereaved during the Coronavirus pandemic

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