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SPIRITUAL & PASTORAL SUPPORT: Birmingham Council of Faiths

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Organisation Birmingham Council of Faiths

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Phone 07703 336 088

At a time when we face a crisis in our lives, many people who do not regularly attend a place of worship, seek to make sense of what is happening, through prayer, reflection, and by receiving the spiritual and pastoral support from an appropriate person of faith. This is particularly true during the current Covid 19 pandemic, during which physical distancing adds to the sense of isolation. Most places of worship, of all faiths, have a website which contains their contact details.

If anyone experiences difficulty in contacting a place of worship please text or e-mail the Birmingham Council of Faiths and we will do our best to assist:
TEXT: 07703 336 088

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Categories COVID-19 Support
Gender both
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Last updated: Apr 7, 2020 13:47

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