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Alcohol and drug support

Address details
Organisation Barnardo's Birmingham Locality
Address 40 Rupert Street, Nechells
B7 4PS
Contact details
Phone 0121 359 5333

Alcohol and substance misuse
Few social issues impact so comprehensively on society as substance misuse. Alarmingly, children and young people are increasingly misusing alcohol and illegal drugs. Consequences range from non-attendance and poor attainment at school, poor health, committing crime to support 'habits' and also increased risk of being a victim of violent crime and sexual exploitation.

In addition to this, many children and young people who live with substance misusing parents and carers are suffering its ill effects. They are often neglected, suffer from domestic violence and are at an increased risk of misusing alcohol and illegal drugs themselves.

Alcohol and substance misuse services
Barnardo’s works closely with children, young people and their parents through counselling and support groups to help them through their situation.

We also provide information, advice, education and practical support. This ranges from teaching children and young people basic life skills such as reading and writing, to providing them with subsidised meals and laundry services if they are homeless, to access to computers and training.

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Categories Addiction support
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 13, 2018 12:31

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