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Immigration for children

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Organisation Barnardo's Birmingham Locality
Address 40 Rupert Street, Nechells
B7 4PS
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Phone 0121 359 5333

Children seeking asylum
Under international law, the UK has a duty to offer asylum to people who flee their own countries because of a well founded fear of persecution.
Children in these families are usually very vulnerable and have experienced the most traumatic of times in their home countries.
Whether families are given leave to remain in the UK or eventually return home we believe that the children are children first and foremost and should be treated with dignity and respect while they are here.

Children seeking asylum facts
-Most asylum seekers are living in poverty and experience poor health and hunger.
-Children from asylum seeking families usually make a good contribution to their schools and are highly motivated.
-The UK does not take more than its ‘fair share’ of asylum seekers.

Barnardo’s services
Barnardo’s services work with asylum seeking families while they are going through the asylum process. For example:
-we run fostering services for children and young people who arrive here on their own
-we help children get the health care and schooling they need while they are in the UK
-we support the parents to do the best they can for their children and offer them a place where they can meet each other
-we offer practical support, with finding an interpreter, donations of clothes and food and advice on financial assistance.

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Categories Immigration advice and support
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 13, 2018 12:28

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.