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COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Resources and Support for the Community

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Organisation CERT (UK) Ltd - Community Emergency Response Team (UK) Ltd

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Phone 07305948766

We focus on providing resources and connecting individuals with their nearest community group, volunteers and those in need. We recognise that the pandemic doesn’t affect everyone equally, and whilst we’re all at risk of covid-19, there are some individuals who are more vulnerable and who need greater support from the community.

The basic idea is to coordinate care efforts for people who are self isolating, especially if they are part of the high risk demographic including the elderly, disabled and individuals with pre existing health issues. We also offer support to those people who are feeling the effects of being isolated/anxious throughout the pandemic. For people with mental health conditions the scale of the pandemic, can be overwhelming and so community support is vital.

We are an established charity and have been going for over 4 years now. We do not pay any salaries, or payments to directors. All funding goes to the running of the organisation. We want to protect the most vulnerable in society so we have systems in place for those setting up community groups to go by to protect themselves and those who they are helping and supporting during these unprecedented times.

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Last updated: Apr 1, 2020 16:09

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