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Emotional Wllbeing in Education - Training Station: Specialist Training Programmes

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Organisation Innovating Minds CIC
Address Saint Nicholas Place, 81 The Green Kings Norton
B38 8RU
Contact details
Phone 0121 448 4190

Our experts share their knowledge to develop awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing. We will also share our skills to equip delegates so they can intervene & support each other.
We don’t just deliver the training; we will also support you to apply the knowledge & skills.

Training Programmes -
Building & Maintaining a Rapport with Students
Argghh I’m Too Stressed, What Can I Do?
Mindfulness Awareness & Practice
What is this Self-Awareness & Reflection All About?
Understanding Emotions
Understanding & Managing Behaviour that Challenges
Exam Stress Awareness & Support
Understanding Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health
Supporting & Managing Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health
The Victims: The ‘Bully’ & ‘Bullied’
Abuse: Understanding & Dealing with the Effects
Understanding & Supporting Students with Self-Harm
Awareness of Eating Disorders.
What is This Flight or Fight All About? Anxiety.
‘Too Young to Be Depressed’: What’s This All About?
Legal Highs, Illicit Substances & Alcohol Use.
Sexual Relationships & Risky Behaviour.
Awareness of Eating Disorders.
Safeguarding from Radicalisation & Extremism.
Sexual Exploitation Awareness.
(This is not an exhaustive list)

An Inclusive Service
Training is tailored to meet the needs for primary, secondary schools, colleges & universities.
We create the ‘Mind Space’ where students, teachers and leaders can engage in active exercises to enhance their learning experience.

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Categories Employment, Education and Training,Counselling and listening
Gender both
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