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Emotional Wllbeing in Education - Exam Stress Management: Supporting Aspirations

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Organisation Innovating Minds CIC
Address Saint Nicholas Place, 81 The Green Kings Norton
B38 8RU
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Phone 07854585946

Our experts can help students develop their awareness of stress, and equip them with skills to manage exam stress. We create ‘Mind Space’ to provide a platform for students, teachers and caregivers to gain individual and group support. This resource represents a valuable package to support students achieve their aspirations.

Support For:

Students -
Level 1: Orientation to exam stress
Level 2: ‘Awareness and Management of Exam Stress’ (approx 12 students per group)
One to One Support Sessions: For Students experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety
Assembly Projects: Whole Year Approach and Sharing Techniques.
Peer support groups: Led by the students but assisted by the facilitator

Caregivers -
Information Sharing Sessions: e.g. exam stress, effects it can have, how can we support our children
Peer support sessions: Led by the carers but assisted by the facilitator
Family Support Sessions: For Students and familes experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety

Teachers & Leadership Teams -
CPD Training Sessions: E.g. Recognising signs of emotional distress, exam stress management techniques
Consultation Support: Individual sessions, class room observations, group support
Family Support Sessions: For Students and families experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety
Support for teachers (e.g. drop in sessions, mindfulness practice session

Desired Outcomes -
To develop an awareness and understanding of exam stress.
To help students achieve their aspired grades.
To reduce the level of emotional distress experienced by students, carers and teachers.
To provide students, caregivers and teachers with a tool kit of techniques to manage exam related stress.
For caregivers to feel that they are supported and equipped to support their child with exam stress.
To develop emotional resiliency to enable young people, caregivers and teachers to utilise adaptive strategies to cope with feelings associated with exam stress (i.e. anger, anxiety, sadness, guilt).

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Categories Employment, Education and Training,Counselling and listening
Gender both
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