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Emotional Wellbeing In Education - Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing

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Organisation Innovating Minds CIC
Address Saint Nicholas Place, 81 The Green Kings Norton
B38 8RU
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Phone 0121 448 4190

We believe in providing support for young people, caregivers and teachers when they want it, not when they need it. We support schools to create a whole school school approach to mental health to foster emotional wellbeing and resiliency so young people are nurtured to achieve their aspirations.

We aim to ensure that young people’s emotional wellbeing is supported throughout their education, and therefore we believe in working from an early intervention model by providing specialist, accessible psychological support- so we will work within the educational setting. We up-skill staff working within the school to ensure everyone is skilled to support their staff and students mental health. By implementing our approach the school will create a sustainable impact and develop a therapeutic culture across the school. Find Out More:

Here are some of the ways we develop a whole school approach to mental health:

One to One Support -
Short term and long-term therapy. We work from a range of psychological models such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, psychodynamic, solution focused, Dialectical Behavioural therapy, compassion focused and family therapy based models.
Lunch time support sessions.
Classroom support: e.g. effective for students experiencing social anxiety, attendance difficulties.

Peer Support -
Group programmes: e.g. enhancing self-esteem, mindfulness, stress and anxiety management.
Reflective peer support groups, led by students, caregivers and teachers and assisted by Mind Space facilitator.
Information sessions: e.g. recognising signs of emotional distress.

Consultation Support & Indirect Working -
Support with SEAL and PSHE lessons.
Supporting safeguarding procedures.
Support on special occasions: Parents evening and exam results day.
Liaison with external agencies (i.e. CAMHS, GPs, CSE)
Continued Professional Development (CPD) training.
Working systemically with the senior leadership team to advise and contribute to policies and operational aspects that can promote the need for emotional wellbeing services to be integrated within the educational facility.

Desired Outcomes:
Improvement in engagement with learning.
Academic achievement.
Improving wellbeing and resilience.
Raising awareness of mental health difficulties.
Reducing stigma associated with mental illness.
Reduction in behaviour 
that challenges.
Increase in school attendance.
Students, caregivers & teachers feel supported.

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Categories Employment, Education and Training,Counselling and listening
Gender both
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