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Support for children and young people

Address details
Organisation HALOW Birmingham
Address HMP Birmingham Visitors’ Centre Winson Green Road Winson Green Birmingham
B18 4AS

Opening Times for visitors
Monday: 08.00-16.30
Tuesday: 08.00-20.00
Wednesday: 08.00-20.00
Thursday: 08.00-20.00
Friday: 08.00-16.30
Saturday: 08.00-16.30
Sunday: 08.00-16.30
Additional information: The Visitors Centre is situated on the opposite side of the road to the prison about 200 yards from the main prison gate.
Visits booking line & how to book a visit
All prisoners book their own visits via a kiosk system, except if they are entitled to a reception visit , staff will phone the requested visitors and book a visit after receiving the application form from the prisoner
The benefits of using the N-Force system:
No more waiting for a Visiting Order to arrive in the post
Visitors don’t have to spend time on a phone line trying to book a visit
Quick and simple to use
Touch screen technology, to assist those with difficulty
Information protected by fingerprint and password
Contact Information
Tel: 0121 598 8178

Service details
Categories Family support
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Nov 6, 2018 13:36

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.