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Starting a Social Enterprise

Address details
Organisation Community Foundation
Address 20 Silas Square Lozells
b19 1QW
Contact details
Phone 0121 238 3282

By starting your own social enterprise you can be your own boss, address a need in your community, gain skills and experience or address a social concern. This workshop will give you an introduction on where to begin, how to do it, and what to do next.

Legal Structures
This workshop will help you navigate the wide range of legal structures and governance arrangements that enable you to make the right decisions as you take your enterprise forward.

Business Planning
This workshop is designed to provide practical support on how to develop a business plan and prepare for the future.
Introduction to Impact Measurement
This course will provide participants with a clear understanding of what impact measurement is, what is involved and what tools can be used to implement this. To break down some of the jargon surrounding impact measurement and to help organisations get started by considering what they already do and to reflect on what else they need to do

Planning Outcomes
Identifying the outcomes of what you do is an important step on the way to demonstrating the impact your work is having. An outcomes approach helps to focus your work and can provide evidence of the value of your service. This course will:
Clarify the meaning of ‘outcomes’
Introduce and embed the outcomes triangle as a tool for identifying outcomes
Help participants understand the links between aims, objectives, outputs and
outcomes and the use of the outcomes approach for planning
Provide you with methods to measure outcomes – indicators and data collection
​ Use practical examples and exercises to embed understanding

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Categories Employment, Education and Training
Gender both
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