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Suicide Prevention

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Organisation Forward for life
Address Lozells Methodist Centre, 163 Gerrard Street
B19 2AH
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Phone 07585 776800

SafeTALK is a half-day course that offers you practical steps to help someone with thoughts of suicide and helps you both to connect with more specialised support.

The safeTALK course was developed by LivingWorks in Canada and is delivered worldwide. It complements our more comprehensive 2 day ASIST course by widening the net of suicide alert helpers to ensure that thoughts of suicide aren't missed, dismissed or avoided.

Through attending the safeTALK course, you will know what to do if someone's suicidal through following the easy to remember TALK steps – Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep-safe. These practical steps offer immediate help to someone having thoughts of suicide and helps you both move forward to connect with more specialised support.

The safeTALK half-day workshop is all about maximising suicide prevention learning at a minimum cost – meaning courses can train up to 30 people at a time at a highly competitive rate.

Forward For Life are happy to discuss providing "in house" training to organisations in both the safeTALK and the ASIST courses as well as the other services we provide

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