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Our Roots Children

Address details
Organisation Our Roots CIC
Address 20 Holyhead Road
B21 0UY
Contact details
Phone 07878059216 / 07846887753/ 0121 359 3739

Our Roots Children supports children, young people and their families to engage in activities, dialogue and peer-to-peer guided social action that supports innovative, group-based and fun-based programmes that helps young people to avoid entering into unwanted behaviour like gangs, anti-social tendencies, bullying and crime. At such forums we promote good citizenship and universally acceptable building values (culture). We hold our activities in community venues but can reach out to children and families within their community/homes/Centres.

We run a Saturday Club for children, teens and the youth that supports in:

Academic and educational development

Good manners and good citizenship

Talent development and performing arts

Dancing for fun and fitness (Dance Music Therapy)

Service details
Categories Youth activities
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Dec 10, 2018 11:00

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